Kinoichi @ Orientalica Event!

Ever dreamt of being a cool (but beautiful ♥) warrior? Now you have a chance to be one!

Kinoichi is an outfit with attention to details from texture to each piece on the belt to make one great final piece of outfit. Stay with the traditional dark colors or up it to more modern colors, the varieties are available for your choosing.

Please visit this wonderful event which opened today (10/16) and will end on 11/7.

Limo to event

Halloween with AGATA mode @ K9 Event

My my does time fly and we are already in the month of Halloween! This month, AGATA mode proudly presents: Spider Outfit!

In lie of Halloween, the Spider Outfit has a “spider web” back which is super sexy. The outfit also comes with pair of gloves which includes a spider ring. The choker has crystal drops which with dark red color makes you think of blood drops.

If you are going to a Halloween party and want to look sexy, this would be the dress for you.

Please visit K9 event to get your own dress!

Grace Outfit @ Cosmopolitan

Happy Fall everyone – is it the month of Halloween! Year-end is closing in very quickly and we have already reached the October Cosmopolitan event!

AGATA mode is excited to introduce Grace Outfit, the perfect outfit for the very last summer days with chilly evenings. The outfit consists of skirt/top (2 pieces) and a jacket, which is sold separately but can be worn together as a set. You can mix the colors of the skirt and top as they are 2 pieces and make your own personal styling.

The fatpack comes with special green striped texture which is super cute!

Please visit Cosmopolitan and get your own Grace outfit today ♥

Victoria Dress @ Cosmopolitan!

Hi everyone! A day late but Victoria Dress is now available at Cosmopolitan event for the month of September!
The dress is very elegant with Asian flare – an obi-style drape that makes this outfit one-of-a-kind taste. You can mix and match the dress and the drape colors to make it your own unique outfit. Gloves to add as an optional is added in the bag.

For this event, a special fatpack color is available – a very beautiful moss green tone which is perfect for this fall season.

To showcase the dress in the most beautiful way, it is highly recommended to use poses that keeps your arms below shoulder height as the arms will cut through the drape when you raise your arms.

Cosmopolitan is open from 9/6 through 9/18 ♥

Limo to Cosmo:

Hazel Dress @ Cosmopolitan (August)

It is time for new round of Cosmopolitan and this time, AGATA mode is proud to present HAZEL DRESS ♥

We are already at the end of August and before it starts to cool off more, let’s dress up in cute dress appropriate for any occasion.

Available in several colors, you are bound to find a color that will fit you – and if you are uncertain, fatpack is available for you to mix and match any color variations! Please stop by Cosmopolitan and try your DEMO today!

TP to Cosmopolitan ♥

Lilian Outfit @ Kustom9 August

Kustom9 event for August will open tomorrow and AGATA mode is happy to introduce to you very sexy and alluring outfit called Lilian Outfit!

Seduce your boyfriend, sexy server, or simply wear it as a cute (but awfully sexy) outfit, either way, you will be having fun with it!

It also comes with the head band which is super cute!

Available in 6 cute colors, you will certainly find your fav ♥

Please visit Kustom9 for August!

Stella Dress @ Upcoming Cosmo event!

Happy weekend everyone! New round of cosmopolitan is opening soon and AGATA mode will be introducing Stella Dress! Provocative, sexy and fun dress, available in 6 colors! Wear it at home for comfort to entice your special one or deck it out for a night out and be the center of attention! Available soon!

Happy Shopping!

AGATA mode @ Japonica 2021 Summer

Happy summer everyone!

Tsubomi Yukata

Tis the season of summer and in Japan, we wear yukata for summer festivities!

Have you visited the 2021 Japonica Summer event yet? If you love kimono, yukata, anything Japanese, this is the event to visit. This event ends on July 25th, so please rush over to grab some amazing items!

AGATA mode is proud to present Tsubomi Yukata available at Japonica right now. Beautiful summer texture makes this outfit perfect to make you feel cool during the hot summer days.

The beautiful goldfish yukata – “Tsubaki Yukata” – will be available ONLY at Japonica event at a discounted price – L$200. This yukata will NOT be available at the store after 25th, so please make sure to grab yours today!

Tsubaki Yukata only available at Japonica

Mabel jacket and dress @ Cosmopolitan

Sassy and classy is the best way to describe The Agata Mode team’s latest design. The ‘Mabel Jacket and dress.” is a gorgeous design, waiting for you at the Cosmopolitan event.

Offering a delicious contrast of tweed and knit, this jacket dress is simply timeless.   Each offered jacket color, includes eight dress tones, which makes mix and matching easy!

If you feel adventurous you can remove the dress, and only wear the coat. That is a plus for various role play scenarios, or a surprise for your significant other!


The fat pack has all six of the jacket colors. It also includes every dress color! Offered for the slink physique, hourglass, and maitreya body, you do not want to miss the Mabel Jacket dress!

Do not delay. Hurry to the Cosmopolitan event starting January 29th, and enjoy the latest release by the Agata Team – The Mabel Jacket and dress. ❤

TP to Cosmopolitan