Hazel Dress @ Cosmopolitan (August)

It is time for new round of Cosmopolitan and this time, AGATA mode is proud to present HAZEL DRESS ♥

We are already at the end of August and before it starts to cool off more, let’s dress up in cute dress appropriate for any occasion.

Available in several colors, you are bound to find a color that will fit you – and if you are uncertain, fatpack is available for you to mix and match any color variations! Please stop by Cosmopolitan and try your DEMO today!

TP to Cosmopolitan ♥

Lilian Outfit @ Kustom9 August

Kustom9 event for August will open tomorrow and AGATA mode is happy to introduce to you very sexy and alluring outfit called Lilian Outfit!

Seduce your boyfriend, sexy server, or simply wear it as a cute (but awfully sexy) outfit, either way, you will be having fun with it!

It also comes with the head band which is super cute!

Available in 6 cute colors, you will certainly find your fav ♥

Please visit Kustom9 for August!