Kaede kimono @ Kurenai

Mark your calendar for October 1st!!!

This exciting day brings you the all new Kaede kimono and Hakama at the Kurenai event. Agata aims to spoil you. This gorgeous design is compatible with the Slink Physique, Hourglass and Maitreya body!

Every individual jacket color, includes a HUD for the inner shirt, collar, and corsage. Each Jacket color’s HUD, includes an option of three colors for the collar, four colors for the corsage and six colors for the inner shirt! So much variety is available to you because Agata aims to please!

Hurry now to purchase a fatback with six jacket colors for tops and bottoms. The green graduation tone, is our limited item for this event.


The event opens October 1st.
Get ready as Agata presents Kaede kimono @ Kurenai!
Taxi to Agata ♥

Taxi to Kurenai event for the Kaede kimono!



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